August 15, 2005

I Think I Yam

I feel like I’m discovering something completely new, making serious breakthroughs of “Discover Hollywood” proportions, and making analogies no one has ever made before. I’m probably wrong on all counts. Regardless, here are my midnight ponderings:

In the classic fairy tale “Snow-White and Rose-Red”, the two sisters are as lovely as the flowers that grow outside their home, though one is as dark as the other fair. The comparison is not lost on two modern debutante actresses, Diane Kruger and Rose Byrne (the latter even sharing names with her mythical counterpart). To men across America, the two represent the age-old Betty versus Veronica, blonde versus brunette debate. But while allegiances are made, it is interesting to see how the roles they are cast in, often play up the stereotypes of their colorings.

Diane Kruger

Rose Byrne

In “Troy”, Greek beauty Diane Kruger stars as “the face that launched a thousand ships”, while Rose Byrne is the captivating priestess who becomes Achilles’ (Brad Pitt) lover. They also starred opposite each other in the obsessive thriller “Wicker Park”, in which a jealous Alex, played by Rose Byrne, pines for the life and love of her flaxen counterpart, Lisa (Diane Kruger). Their physical contrasts are mirrored by the personalities of their characters. Jealous instead of innocent, moody over idealistic, and temperamental for passive. Maybe a preference for one or the other is more individually revealing than I had previously thought.

To tell the truth, my googling only led to Diane and Rose through a twisted set of clicking that began with my renewed crush on actor Jonathan Crombie (who played Gilbert Blythe in the "Anne of Green Gables" movies):

(SIDE NOTE- the original and cuter picture of Gilbert doesn't link well. He's older and looks much less like a pedophile’s wet dream, though I should confess to nursing many a "Newsies" crush, and at this point in my years- my fantasies would be illegal in most 50 states. Except Alabama. But we try to not talk about the South....anyway this is purely for my benefit:

And in turn, his charming good looks reminded me of actor Henry Cavillin in the recent "I Capture the Castle" (both movies were better books) who shared screen time with Rose Byrne, hence the tepid connection:

They are definitely younger versions of Paul Rudd, any combination exemplifies the “tall, dark and handsome” dream.

So it seems that I am as shallow as the men I wished to critique…blondes have not made my cut. However, I vow to change and become more open-minded...This upcoming week will be dedicated to rediscovering Golden Gods such as Brad Pitt, Paul Walker, and Matt Damon. Wish me luck in ending discrimination against blonde men everywhere and becoming an "equal opportunity" romantic.

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