August 23, 2005


I just barely finished watching "Gangs of New York" and I only have one question....

How could Martin Scorsese make such a terrible movie???

I'd figure that with the budget for that film, the credentials of the all-star cast, and his own experience directing much, much better, that they could have pulled out something that didn’t make me want to drop-kick him and all the people that recommended this shit, out of an 8-story window.

What the movie lacked in character development, plot, and dialogue, it tried to compensate for in blood and guts. It was like the New York version of the 5-minute Braveheart battle sequence…over and over and over again.

Yup. He’s got an axe.
Yup he’s got a knife.
Another beheading? Yup.

Somewhere after the first two hours, countless brawls, and stabbings, I started asking myself, “What the fuck?” Soon I became completely catatonic, only coming out of my stupor long enough to warn others. Stay away. Far, far away.

Reviewer bias: Huge fan of Scorsese, Daniel Day-Lewis and even DiCaprio.

Current Status: Betrayed. Hate Cameron Diaz with a passion of a thousand suns.

A finite number of monkeys could have come up with a better tagline.

Posted by Tatlis at August 23, 2005 04:51 AM
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