August 24, 2005


According to the US News and World Report on America's Colleges, Dartmouth is #9 in the nation. Nine is good, in fact, it's my lucky number. But surely that ranking can be pumped up if only one of our undergrads made it onto "The Real World". Drunken hedonism and general obnoxiousness? We are the covert training grounds for that show, baby.

The report also listed the percent of the student body involved in fraternities and sororities on campus. I've taken the liberty of adjusting them for the fact that freshmen can't rush, listing them as the percent of students in houses out of all eligible students (sophomore-senior)... a much more representative number:

Fraternities: 53%
Sororities: 45%

I hope you’re as impressed as I am. Despite all the apprehension over the Student Life Initiative, it has apparently done very little to rattle the healthy dominance of the Greek system over our institution.

In a bold move last spring, Dartmouth began providing Pizza and Soda to frat parties. But is the college doing enough to support the culture of binge drinking? I think not.

It comes as no surprise that fraternity and sorority members are heavier drinkers than their peers, have higher rates of continued alcoholism post graduation, are more likely to be injured or killed in alcohol related incidents, as well as experience or perpetuate sexual abuse in conjunction with their drinking habits. As the new self-assigned “vulnerable population”, they should be given every available resource to thrive.

So, the question is, why stop at pizza? I propose that Dartmouth be the first in the nation to set aside part of the student activities fee for an annual “keg fund”. It will revolutionize campus raging and end the hypocrisy of the administration publicly condemning what is privately winked at.

Kids will be kids.

And 1,400 college “kids” will die this year because of alcohol.
500,000 will be injured
600,000 will be assaulted
And 70,000 will be raped or sexually assaulted.

Will you drink to that?

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Posted by Tatlis at August 24, 2005 08:28 PM
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